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Its some of the best cash you can spend on your motorcycle

Dirtrider Downunder
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I'm left wondering… why a device like Motominder isn't fitted as standard equipment to all new motorcycles

Dirt Bike Australia
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(Interview with Nigel Duff kindly provided by

We have been using motominder for several years now, and fit one to most motocross bikes we sell. We have clearly noticed that owners of bikes fitted with a motominder stick to service intervals and end up buying more parts, and have better service records when selling bikes. We have also found that it increases resale value when a bike has had one fitted from new. I would and do recommend them to all competition bikes we sell. I run them on my own race bikes so as to keep up a service record.

Scott Wilkins - Manager
Mike Ramsay Motorcycles
5 Stadium Drive
New Zealand

The motominders that we fit to our customers' machines are worth every penny. We are getting machines back for servicing when it is due, not tens of hours late, so we can keep their bikes and quads running at the peak of performance, that our customers demand and expect. In terms of machine reliability the motominder really does pay for itself.

Brett Roberts - Manager
BRM Performance Motorcycles
12F Kaka Street
New Zealand

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