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Avoid costly engine damage!

Motocross riders now have the answer to their greatest problem with modern high-performance engines: "recording the runtime" for engine oil changes, piston and ring replacement etc. Motominder is the essential part of your maintenance schedule.

Motominder engine hourmeter automatically records and displays your engine's accumulated run time. If performance and reliability are important then Motominder is the perfect accessory.

Motominder is compact in size, measuring approximately 40mm x 27mm (1 1/2" x 1"). It fits easily on the frame - usually on the side of the steering head in front of the tank, and is specifically designed to operate on the new "pencil coil" 4-stroke ignitions.

With Motominder you can better manage your service program to suit you and your 'bike, and you can stay within warranty guidelines. Correctly timed maintenance is essential to keep your engine in peak performance running order and to avoid engine damage. Servicing your engine on time helps prevent those dreaded DNFs.

Motominder is the essential part of any serious motocross rider's equipment.

Motominder records the installation date, and displays this briefly whenever your 'bike is started. On startup it continuously displays hours of runtime for 1 minute, then flashes the runtime every 10 seconds while your engine continues to run. At powerdown it continuously displays the runtime for 2 minutes, so you have plenty of time to get your helmet off before checking the display.

Motominder needs no power supply, is easy to install and will mind your engine for up to 10 years. Warranty is for 2 years.

Motominder engine hour meter Motominder on the Honda RF450R Motominder on the Kawasaki KDX200 Motominder on the KTM 450SX Motominder on the KTM 900 Adventure Motominder on the Suzuki RM125 Motominder on the Yamaha Raptor Motominder on the Yamaha WR450F