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Motominder has been specifically designed for the harsh environment of motocross racing. It is also useful for tarmac race 'bikes, ATVs, enduro 'bikes, karts etc. Note: Motominder will operate on the new generation "pencil coil" ignitions. See our connections page for details.


Motominder is fully spec'd for saltwater marine use. Applications include outboard motors, jetskis and other recreational and race craft.

Industrial and Electrical

Motominder can be used to record runtime in various industrial and electrical applications. Connected directly, it will operate from 5VDC to well over 600VAC. In the case of the larger voltages, a resistor may need to be fitted. As successful operation across such a large range of voltages depends largely on the waveform, please contact our technicians before proceeding. They will provide you with detailed technical advice.
Applications include baking machinery, electric golf karts, electric motors, compressors etc.

motominder industrial application