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Motominder is an engine hour meter specifically designed for use in the harsh environment of motocross racing. As such, it will operate in a number of other applications.

Motominder is the only hour meter we know of that will operate properly on the new generation "pencil" or "stick" coil ignitions!

Motominder has not been designed "to a price". We at Motominder are very proud of our commitment to delivering the highest quality product. All through the device internals, the highest quality of componentry has been used - in most cases the componentry is vastly overspec'd for the application.

We are racers ourselves, and we have developed this product to be used by racers and the general public alike.

Motominder is consistently rated 5 stars

With Motominder you can better manage your service program to suit you and your 'bike, and you can stay within warranty guidelines. Correctly timed maintenance is essential to keep your engine in peak performance running order and to avoid engine damage. Servicing your engine on time helps prevent those dreaded DNFs.

motominder product: featured in PC Racing USA